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I offer a caring, warm environment  A wide range of activities are planned according to children's individual interests. I believe that spending time outdoors is very important. The children go outdoors everyday, I provide waterproof suits and wellies for wet weather play. I believe in the value of both structured and flexible activities and following children's individual interests. Structured activities will include adult led play, regular stories, arts and crafts and musical activities. Outdoor play, free play, outings to the local park, Cockington, Paignton zoo, living coasts and walking our dog are some of the more flexible activities that I do. The most important priority is to have FUN ! 


Routines are extremely flexible around babies and infants, and I feed and change nappies on demand, not to a schedule. Since infants and toddlers cannot communicate well enough to parents I will supply a diary book which will be completed daily. The diary will include things such as meal times, food eaten, times of nappy changes, things we've been doing during the day, nap times etc.  I link daily activities to the Early Years Foundation Stage areas of Learning and Development so that you can see what learning has taken place each day. It would also be nice if you could add your comments in the book at home, stating what your child does at home in the evenings, or weekends.

Each child has a learning journey folder which is shared with parents and other settings, this is linked to the early years foundation stage and is a lovely record of your child's achievements.

We have a small fruit patch/ fruit trees in the garden, the children enjoy growing their own healthy snacks.

Planning takes into consideration the Early Years Foundation Stage, Celebrations, Seasons, children's individual interests, developmental needs but is always flexible !



'All children, including those with additional needs, make outstanding progress in their learning from their different starting points. They benefit greatly from their experiences with the childminder. Children are very well prepared for school and the next stage in their learning' Ofsted 2016

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